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[SWFObject Problem] in homefeature.tpl > I would like to insert javascript but...


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I would like to insert flash object into the homefeatured.tpl.
But, it doesn't work. Why? Same flash is working in the flashTest.html but if I bring this code set into the homefeatured.tpl,
it shows only blank page.


           // JAVASCRIPT VARS
           // cache buster
           var cacheBuster = "?t=" + Date.parse(new Date());
           // stage dimensions        
           var stageW = "760";//"100%";
           var stageH = "290";//"100%";

           // ATTRIBUTES
           var attributes = {};   <------------------------ ERROR point ~
           attributes.id = 'myComponent';        
           attributes.name = 'myComponent';

Is there anyone who can explain, at the point of inserting

var attributes = {};  

The web-page goes blank.

Any way of fixing it? Just empty variable declaration, the screen goes blank ~
It would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance ~

< Code from http://code.google.com/p/swfobject/wiki/documentation --- swfobject javascript doesn't work. >

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Yes, it is clean for others.
I understood what they said, using
So, I tried but it didn't work.
If I take this code out, then the homefeatured.tpl works just beautifully.

It seems like it has been known to the people up there regarding "Prestashop."
javascript vars variableName = {} ---> smarty crashes...

Try, your own prestashop and insert,

var attributes = {}; 

Any place, not just homefeatured.tpl smarty parser crashes -

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