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Incorrect order total since 1.4 update.


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Since updating to 1.4 we've found the order total on our invoices, customer order history & admin panel have been slightly out.
Its only applies to orders with a quantity discount & where a large enough quantity for the discount to apply was purchased.

The amount is usually (based on all tests we've carried out) 1 pence extra for each quantity purchased but only where the unit price / discount to apply is not a round number (for example would apply to a 1.79 product but not a £1.80 product). This would suggest its a rounding issue to me.

We've tried all 3 different rounding methods with no success.

I have now just tried a blank install of the latest version ( and the problem is still there.

If anyone can shed any light on a fix for this I'd be very grateful.
Even if it comes to just identifying the correct code to replace from the 1.3 version as that seemed to calculate perfectly.

Just to add we also display prices excluding tax which as we've found out in the past tends to introduce the odd inconsistency.

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