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Setup new shop with remote db


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I am installing a fresh new shop, version 8.1.5, in order to check how the installation module sets up the configuration with a remote db with SSL/TSL. Unfortunately, I get this error: Database Server is not found. Please verify the login, password and server fields (DbPDO), and I am not able to complete the installation.

The server is debian 12, and the remote db is in an another debian 12 server, with mariadb configured with TSL/SSL and the user configured with

require ssl

I couldn't find any documentation about it. Moreover, there are no options available to setup the different authentication methods. To give an idea, in Joomla I see the option Connection Encryption that can have 3 values: Default (Server controlled), One-way authentication and Two-way authentication), and the option to verify the server certificate. I am interested in the simplest, i.e. One way authentication without server certificate verification.

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