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Presta 1.6.0 upgrade


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PHP 5.6

During an update to via Click Upgrade, I'm encountering the following error:

[INTERNAL] /public_html/modules/autoupgrade/classes/UpgradeTools/SymfonyAdapter.php line 70 - require_once(): Failed opening required '/home/iman8298/public_html/app/AppKernel.php' (include_path='/public_html/tools/htmlpurifier/standalone:.:/opt/alt/php56/usr/share/pear:/opt/alt/php56/usr/share/php')

Additionally, if I use the Click Upgrade version 4.14.2 provided by the Presta marketplace for PS 1.6.0 / 1.6.1, I encounter an error on Click Upgrade preventing me from updating the system "Your Click Upgrade version is not up to date."

I am forced to install version 5.0.1 intended for Presta 1.7 to fulfill the checklist before the update.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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