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Price specification not found for currency (not linked to order table)


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Hello, I have set 3 localisation packs associated to 3 currencies : EUR, GBP and SEK for sweden people.

The 2 first packs do not have any issues but when I import other languages, the currency seems not well set.

Accessing the SEK currency indicates : Price specification not found for currency: "SEK" as shown on screenshot.

So contrary to many other related issues, it is not linked to order table, my data is well set for id_currency field. The different tables related to currency are well set too, I have noticed nothing wrong.

My PS is and I had upgraded with one-click upgrade module from

After tracing the error, it appears that PricesSpecificationsMap is not set for the third currency.

My questions are : Have you encountered such behavior ? and how this object PricesSpecifications is set ? The file Locale.php has a construct taking into account this parameter which is not set correctly.

I Have tried to reimport, deactivate, activate, add other pack without nu luck, I do not succeed in setting the complete object with EUR, GBP and SEK inside.

Moreover, I have noticed that the change rate is not well displayed in admin / International / Localisation / Currencies.


Capture d'écran 2024-03-17 152655.png

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