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Security in PS 8.1.3 - external support cannot log in


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I bought several modules and unfortunately there were problems with them and I need support from these companies, but when I give them my e-mail and password to BO, I keep getting information that the login and password are wrong - and I keep logging in with these logins. I've been struggling for several days and I have no idea what's wrong. Every developer writes the same thing - bad data. I even created a new profile and nothing.

I disabled:
-verify cookie IP address
-Back office security with a token
-increased store security
Where else to look and what to do to make this store available to them so they can log in?

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This is not a common error. The problem may be in the cache, .htaccess or in the hook before and after login. When the debug mode is on and the cache is cleared, no error is displayed? Did you create a new employee, give him the highest privileges and enable "active"?

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I just do what u said, im on debug mode and error is all time same. Just few while ago create new employee, givehim highest privilages and cant login into BO....

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