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Great Opportunity For Businesses: Get Benefits from Google's Upcoming Search Engine Update with SGE.


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Hello everyone,

I'd like to share some important information about an upcoming change from Google that could impact businesses' online presence. It's crucial to prepare for this update before it officially rolls out.

The digital landscape is evolving with the rise of AI-driven technologies, and search engines like Bing and Baidu have already embraced AI-based search. AI chat services such as ChatGPT, Claude, Perplexity, Google Bard, Microsoft Copilot, and AI chatbots on social media platforms are gaining popularity.

In response to these trends, Google has introduced an AI-based search engine known as Google SGE. This initiative was first announced at the Google I/O conference on May 10, 2023.

Google SGE is an advanced feature within Google Search that utilizes generative AI to revolutionize how users interact with search queries. It is an experimental search experience designed to provide quick and clear overviews of search topics without the need to click on individual webpages.

see attach 1
Regular Search vs. SGE-Powered Search

Over the past nine months, Google has been diligently working on this update. SGE was initially available in Google's Search Labs program for consumer testing through Chrome. Since 2023, it has become available in select countries, with recent updates expanding its availability to over 120 new countries and introducing support for four new languages.

The latest update in Google Search Lab indicates that SGE is set to be released globally in the coming months, impacting how people visit websites from search engines. It's crucial for us to enhance our content to align with this new way people will be searching.

This also presents a great opportunity for businesses to optimize content using Google Lab Generative AI and improve search result rankings.

As we've observed, there isn't much competition in this area currently because not many people are aware of it. So, now is the best time to invest in your business to capture the market.


Let's take an example with the search query "recommended SEO module for Prestashop site." In the current results, it shows links from the Prestashop forum and Prestashop addon.
see attach 2

However, with the new search results, there is a noticeable difference. There are no forum or addon links. instead, it shows links from other external sites with information. This change is likely to impact addon organic sales and businesses also.
see attach 3

This is just an example, and you can tailor this based on your business or Prestashop site. There is an opportunity to work on your content SEO/GEO - Generative Engine Optimization to enhance your visibility in search results before the official launch of SGE.

Remember, SGE is currently available in Google's Search Labs program, accessible through Chrome for consumer testing.


I hope it's helpful for businesses.





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