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Seeking Guidance on the Optimal PrestaShop Version for Performance, Security, and PHP Compatibility


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Hello PrestaShop Community,

I am on the brink of initiating a new project and setting up an online store using PrestaShop. Given the myriad of considerations such as performance, security, compatibility with various PHP versions, and overall stability, I find myself at a crossroads trying to decide on the most suitable PrestaShop version for my project.

Could you kindly share your expertise and experiences to help guide my decision? Specifically, I am interested in understanding the following:

Performance: Which PrestaShop version is known to offer the best performance metrics, particularly in terms of load times, response times, and resource efficiency? Are there any specific benchmarks or case studies available that highlight the performance differences between versions?

Security: Security is paramount for any online store. Can you provide insights into which PrestaShop version has the strongest security features and the best track record in terms of vulnerability patches and updates? How frequent are the security updates, and how does the PrestaShop team address newly discovered vulnerabilities?

PHP Compatibility: As PHP versions evolve, compatibility becomes a crucial factor. Which version of PrestaShop supports the latest PHP versions (including PHP 8.x) without compromising on functionality? Are there any known compatibility issues with specific PHP versions across different PrestaShop releases?

Long-term Support and Updates: Understanding the lifecycle of each version is important for planning future updates and maintenance. Which PrestaShop version is currently receiving the most robust support and frequent updates? How long is each version expected to be supported?

Community and Developer Insights: If you have personal experiences or have come across community discussions that shed light on the performance, security, and compatibility aspects of different PrestaShop versions, could you please share those insights?

Additional Considerations: Are there any other factors, such as ease of theme and module integration, that I should consider when choosing a PrestaShop version?

Your detailed insights and personal experiences will be invaluable in helping me make an informed decision. I am eager to build a store that is not only efficient and secure but also future-proof to the extent possible within the PrestaShop ecosystem.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Best regards,

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