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Show second image in product categories page instead of default (cover) image

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How can I show second image on categories page as thumbnails?

product-thumb-tpl has this:

          {if $product.default_image}
            {generateImagesSources image=$product.default_image size='home_default' lazyload=true}
            alt="{if !empty($product.default_image.legend)}{$product.default_image.legend}{else}{$product.name|truncate:30:'...'}{/if}"
          class="img-fluid rounded lazyload"


But I don't know what should be instead of $product.default_image to show the second image?

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If you do the dump on top of the file, you can see it as an array



For example this code may work for you


 {if isset($product.images[1])}
 <img src="{$product.images[1].bySize.home_default.url}" />


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