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Parent category ID number too big (INT->BIGINT)


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Hi, I recently faced an issue where my category IDs had very large numbers (at the edge of BIGINT). I managed to change the DB tables structure so they allow BIGINT instead of INT values for category ID and parent category ID. This brought me a step further and some categories with high ID values were imported properly. Now I'm facing an issue with subcategories since those have parent categories with very large values assigned to them and this time changing the DB structure to BIGINT doesn't help (I've changed BIGING in all ps_category* tables for id_category and id_parent to BIGINT).

Here's an example of faulty import



Rough translation:
Dresses (ID: 100007) can't be saved

Attribute Category->id_parent is not correct

Value of parent ID in this case is 89538759973248595


Keeping IDs like in the input file (with big values) is mandatory since it allows maintaining sort of automation for the future updates thus I'm enforcing values as they are in input file instead of assigning them by prestashop.

Is there any kind of parent ID value check apart of DB level which could prevent from import processing successfully? 

I'm running PS v8.1.3

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