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Delivery Time, set 'specific delivery time to this product' as default


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When I upload my products they all have the 'default delivery time'as default setting.

Is there is way to make the 'specific delivery time' as default? So that when I upload new products they all have the delivery time set as 'specific delivery time'.

I have to change them now one by one. 

Hopefully someone can help me so I can do it faster.


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Unfortunately, there might not be a built-in option to set the "specific delivery time" as the default for new products However once after uploading the product You can directly update the database to set the default delivery time for new products.

Please have a backup for the product table before proceeding with the query. Make sure to replace ps_ with your actual database prefix

UPDATE ps_product SET additional_delivery_times = '2' WHERE additional_delivery_times = '1';

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