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{total_paid} without currency in email?


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Im trying to show some UPNQR code in customers order mail and I need to show the total price without currency in a format like 13.50 without €, $, ... etc.

QR code works, except the total price. If I put {total_paid} inside it shows 7.00 instead of 7.90. I guess because it thinks that space and Currency symbol are two decimals and it strips the whole "90" out. (just guessing here.)


Any idea how to proceed here.

I even tried to add new custom variable in PaymentModule.php but it does not work. (I'm not a coder).

'{total_paid_no_currency}' => Tools::displayPrice($order->total_paid, null, false),


And I would also like to add payers address, payers postal code and payers city. I trie with
{invoice_address1}, {invoice_city}' {invoice_postal_code} but nothing shows up Or I see the tags in my mail.

Any help greatly appreciated ;)



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