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Tips for performance analysis


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I am using PrestaShop version 8.1.1. At irregular intervals, mainly in the evening, I notice that the performance of the page load collapses. I currently assume that it could be in the PrestaShop FrontEnd/Beckend area against the database. Why? With phpMyAdmin I could not detect any delay. A similar website that runs parallel to PrestaShop also works perfectly.
Is there a recommendation on how to narrow down the problem?
LogFile, SQL commands that could be sent or typical errors when using modules?
Many thanks for your support.

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To help you narrow down the problem, here are some suggestions:

1. Investigate the server side:
Server resources: Check your server resource usage (CPU, RAM, disk I/O) during the performance drops. Monitor tools like cPanel can help identify resource bottlenecks.
Server logs: Analyze web server logs and error logs around the time of performance dips. Look for any spikes in requests, response times, or error messages.
Database performance: While you didn't see delays in phpMyAdmin, consider using more dedicated database monitoring tools to identify slow queries.

2. Check within PrestaShop:
Debug mode: Enable PrestaShop's debug mode to get verbose logging with potential error messages or performance warnings.
Module conflicts: Disable recently installed or updated modules temporarily to see if they impact performance.
Cache: Make sure PrestaShop's cache is cleared and properly functioning.
PrestaShop logs: Check the PrestaShop logs (log/prod.log and others) for any errors or performance-related entries.

3. Tools and Resources:
Google PageSpeed Insights: Analyze your website's performance using Google PageSpeed Insights or gtmetrix to identify potential bottlenecks.
PrestaShop forum: The PrestaShop forum might have similar cases and solutions related to evening performance drops. Search for relevant threads and ask for help if needed.(https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/1058123-prestashop-is-very-slow-solved/)

Typical Errors and Log Files:
Database connection errors: Look for messages about slow database connections or timeouts.
Memory exhaustion: Errors related to running out of server memory might be present.
PrestaShop logs: Look for entries with high response times, slow queries, or module-related errors.

Start with simple solutions like cache clearing and module disabling before diving into complex troubleshooting.
Don't hesitate to seek help from PrestaShop experts or the community if you get stuck.
By following these steps and examining the recommended tools and resources, you should be able to narrow down the cause of your evening PrestaShop performance issues and take steps to resolve them.

I hope this information proves helpful!

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Thank you very much for your help. Point 1 is a bit difficult to implement, I started with points 2 and 3.
One of the reasons: Prestashop report in the backend that he has performance problems. And based on the reaction of the shop, I assume that the problem is in PrestaShop.  

As a first measure, I have temporarily deactivated a first module. I will now observe for a few days (incl. log analysis) to see if anything changes. 
I will report back in a few days as soon as I have found out more. 

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11 hours ago, spielgigant said:

In the meantime, the problem has been localized. It was a 301 redirect module that kept slowing down the store. I deactivated and monitored one module after the other. I found what I was looking for with the second one Many thanks for the valuable tips from @PrestaServicePro


We’re thrilled to hear that everything is working well after implementing the recommendations!

Thank you for providing feedback, and we are genuinely glad we could assist you.

Wishing you continued success with your PrestaShop store!

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