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Some emails are not sent on the server version (local is ok)


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I am facing an issue with a Prestashop store where only a few emails are being sent. For example, in the contact form:

- If I write "Bonjour" (Hello), the email is sent successfully.
- However, if I write "Le service client" (Customer service), the email is not sent.

I have a success confirmation message but the email is not sent but visible in the logs

I have copied the store to a local environment with the same PHP version and SMTP sending settings, and there everything works fine, regardless of the email content.

But on the version installed on the server, I have this problem. I don't know where to look. Here is a list of actions that have been taken:

List of actions taken:

- Deactivation of all modules
-Deactivation of all overrides
- Use of the default Prestashop templates

It's really confusing, and I have no idea where this issue is coming from.

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