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[solved][PS 1.7.6] Module payment disabling for customer when saving a payment configuration form


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Hello there,

I'm facing a strange issue here, as mentioned in the title when i'm saving my preferences in "Payment > Preferences" all my payment modules are deactivated in the "Customer > Group > Customer group".

Only my payment modules are dé-activated and only for the customer group.

I've activated the _PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_ to check if by submitting my preferences there is a query on my ps_module_group but there is no query affecting the table and my rows are still deleted.


I really dont understand why my payment modules are disabled for my customer group.


Does someone had a similar issue ?


How could i check if my ps_module_group is affected by some query to isolate the problem ?


Thanks in advance

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A little update :

Tried déactivating the payment modules one by one but they dont seem to be the problem in our case.

Also tried to display all the SQL querries to check if when submitting the preferences payment there's a single of them who update the ps_module_group table but can't find any who makes an update on this table and my lines in the table are still deleted...

I'm really out of ideas ...

Can someone help me with my case ?

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I removed all my modules and just saved a payment one (ps_checkpayment) tried to see if it solves my issue but no still the same problem.

Removed ps_checkpayment and adding stripe_payment module only and my issue is still there, it doesnt seem related to my modules.

And now i also removed all the overrides from my website and cleared my cache ... the problem is still there !

Is this a native prestashop feature ???

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Tried to mount a new PS with the same version and with multishop option but can't reproduce the issue.

So i did put all my src/class/controller/app/... files from my new PS to my old one to see if someone before me modified the core files but still it's not working at all the problem subsist here.


I really dont get it, everything except the DB is exactly the same as a freshly new PS 1.7.6 ...


There is still a major difference, the old Prestashop have a huge amount of multishop (around 80-100 yeah crazy stuff).

Could the amount of requests send when saving the preferences affect the ps_module_group table ?


I really need help on this subject pls ...

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OK got it !!

I've found the request sent by doctrine to the BDD thanks to the debug bar.

The request delete all iterations of the payment module in the ps_module_group table but just after that she inserts all the new iterations, here she sends the id_group (1,2,4,10,17) my customer group (3) is missing.

I checked the group inserted to check if everything is OK and the group with id 10 is ... special it also has the same name as my group 3 !

I'm looking in my payment preferences form to see if the two "customer" groups are well displayed and BINGO !!!

It looks like prestashop is displaying all the groups preferences but replaces the groups with the same name !

So when i checked my "customer" group in my preferences it was checking the group 10 and not the group 3 who is missing in the form.


This is a really specific issue but i'm gonna report it to the PS devs, it shouldn't hide a group even if they have the same name.


Hope this topic will help other people.


If you're reading this, have a nice day !

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