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Meta descriptions not listed by Google


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I have a PS 8.1 shop, and the pages such as index and product pages do not display the meta descriptions provided on Google. Instead, random content from the page, such as titles or long descriptions, is being displayed.

The meta descriptions have indeed been filled in through SEO & URLs or in the dedicated tabs of the product sheets.

I would like to emphasize that this issue has been persisting for a long time, and Google has had ample time to index this content.

Has anyone here encountered this issue before?

Thank you, and looking forward to your response.

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Thanks for your feedback. Sadly I can't share it for confidentiality issues. But trust me, I know where to type the meta-desc. I just checked the source code of a product, and the <meta name="description"> is correct as same as for every pages. But not on the google results. 

I confirm that I sent the sitemap through the Search Console, and it's automatically refreshed by CRON.

Very weird...

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