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Upgrade Jquery and Jquery UI on


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I saw there is several CVE related to Jquery 2.2.4 And Jquery UI 1.10.2

Jquery 2.2.4 CVE-2020-11023, CVE-2020-11022, CVE-2019-11358, CVE-2015-9251

Jquery UI 1.10.2 :CVE-2020-28488, CVE-2021-41184, CVE-2021-41183, CVE-2021-41182, CVE-2016-7103


Do I really need to work on this ? 

I can not plan to upgrade to Prestashop and there is no patch I can update manually it seems.

What do you think ?

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To upgrade jQuery and jQuery UI in your web project from version to newer versions, you'll need to follow these general steps:

Backup Your Project: Before making any changes, it's essential to create a backup of your project to ensure that you can revert to the previous state if anything goes wrong.

Check Dependencies: Make sure to review your project's code and any third-party libraries or plugins that rely on jQuery and jQuery UI. Some plugins may have compatibility issues with newer versions, so you may need to update them as well.

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Thank you for your response, I see the principe of upgrading, I was just wondering if there was a procedure for PRestashop, as the core.js file of the version near still are under 3.5 and the version upper are totally differents.


Thank you for the help.

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