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PrestaShop 8.1.2 | Installing on Docker with MariaDB 11? Is it compatible?

Romain CM

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Hi folks,

I wanted to try latest PrestaShop (8.1.2) on local Docker on Windows 11.

So I created a docker-compose.yml file to launch services PS8.1.2, MariaDB 11.1.2-jammy, phpMyAdmin latest at same time.

Unfortunately, PS installation fail when creating tables. MariaDB crashes.

I wonder if latest MariaDB is compatible with installation SQL script of PS8.1.2.

Now I try downgrading my config to MariaDB 10.11.5-jammy.

But it's still the same.

I searched for an answer, a compatibility guide or something. I haven't found so far.

Does anyone have details to help me? Each attempts to install PrestaShop is quite long until crash. I'm wasting time.

Thank you for reading, And thank you if you can help.


Romain, developer from France

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Thanks for the advise.

I searched and read some docs.

MariaDB is no more fully compatible with MySQL. Since version 10.

PrestaShop (SA) develops with MySQL and advise to use MySQL. Therefore PrestaShop install script is no more compatible with MariaDB.

We will need to take a careful look for us to migrate to new PrestaShop 8.1.x.

Thanks a lot, DNK.hack.

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