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Order details page Products in pack show product location


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Thank you for your instruction.  I would like to change the .twig file, that is easier.

But how I can get the product warehouse location value, this value is in database table ps_product and field location.

How I can get this data and show in the table?


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I change the view_product_pack_modal.html.twig like this, but it does not work:

        <table class="table" id="product-pack-modal-table">
            <th colspan="3">{{ 'Product'|trans({}, 'Admin.Global') }}</th>
            <th>{{ 'Quantity'|trans({}, 'Admin.Global') }}</th>
            <th>{{ 'Available'|trans({}, 'Admin.Global') }}</th>
            <th>{{ 'Bin'|trans({}, 'Admin.Global') }}</th>
          <tr class="d-none" id="template-pack-table-row">
            <td>{{ 'Child item'|trans({}, 'Admin.Global') }}</td>
            <td class="cell-product-img">
              <img alt=""/>
            <td class="cell-product-name">
              <a href="">
                <p class="mb-0 product-name"></p>
                <p class="mb-0 product-reference">
                  <strong>{{ 'Article number:'|trans({}, 'Admin.Orderscustomers.Feature') }}</strong>
                <p class="mb-0 product-supplier-reference">
                  <strong>{{ 'Supplier reference:'|trans({}, 'Admin.Orderscustomers.Feature') }}</strong>
            <td class="cell-product-quantity">
              <span class="badge badge-secondary rounded-circle"></span>
            <td class="cell-product-available-quantity"></td>
            <td class="cellProductLocation"></td>


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Thank you very much.  Finally I solve the problem with your instruction.

My PS version is 8.0.4,  the order_view.bundle.js is different.

I just add this code to this file:





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