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Negative payments no longer allowed with new Order page


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Hi everyone,


A few of my customers would enter negative payments in case of partial refunds so that their reporting would line up with credit card merchant service reporting. This is no longer possible in the new Symfony based Order page and controller. 

I notice there is a negative check in /src/core/domain/order/payment/command/AddPaymentCommand.php: (assertAmountIsPositive)


    public function __construct(
        int $orderId,
        string $paymentDate,
        string $paymentMethod,
        string $paymentAmount,
        int $paymentCurrencyId,
        ?int $orderInvoiceId = null,
        ?string $transactionId = null
    ) {
        $amount = new DecimalNumber($paymentAmount);

        $this->orderId = new OrderId($orderId);
        $this->paymentDate = new DateTimeImmutable($paymentDate);
        $this->paymentMethod = $paymentMethod;
        $this->paymentAmount = $amount;
        $this->paymentCurrencyId = new CurrencyId($paymentCurrencyId);
        $this->orderInvoiceId = $orderInvoiceId;
        $this->transactionId = $transactionId;

However commenting out this line does not prevent the negative rule and the payment is still failing. Any idea what/where else this verification can be done and how else I could re-enable negative payments?

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