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This module enables you to keep your database as clean as possible, free of superfluous, obsolete or useless data. It also allows you to delete log files that accumulate on the server, as well as temporary images. You can also create/delete carts, orders, products, customers...

This module is based on the discontinued official module https://github.com/PrestaShop/pscleanerspacer.png


Database & Files cleaner
Check & fix integrity, clean quickly old carts, useless stats like pages viewed, guest, connections

Orders management
Create dummy orders, deletes orders with conditions(work only on DEBUG mode)

Carts management
Create dummy carts, deletes carts with conditions

Customers management
Create dummy customers, deletes customers with conditions

Products management
Create dummy products, deletes products with conditions

Wipe all data's
Wipe all shop data's like customers, orders, products, features etc(work only on DEBUG mode)




Its STRONGLY recommended to backup your database before doing anything.



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