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Order confirmation {$product.availability_message}


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I have an issue on PS 1.7; I'm trying to display {$product.availability_message} (shipping delay message) depending on stock on cart and order confirmation. It works well on cart but it don't display on order-confirmation (order-confirmation-table.tpl). Any idea to make this work ?

Here is my code :

{if (isset($product.quantity_all_versions) && $product.quantity_all_versions < 0)}

                {if (isset($product.quantity_all_versions) && $product.quantity_all_versions < 0)}
                                                <span class="red icon--pulsing"></span>
                                                <span class="msg">{$product.availability_message}</span>

                                                   <span class="icon--pulsing"></span> 
                                                   <span class="msg">Available</span>


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