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Error en el Módulo Faceted Search en Prestashop

Ana Diaz

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El módulo es v3.13.2 y el Prestashop y este es el error que aparece


Type error: Too few arguments to function PrestaShop\Module\FacetedSearch\Filters\Converter::__construct(), 4 passed in .../modules/pkamp/controllers/front/category.php on line 156 and exactly 5 expected
in Converter.php line 85
at Converter->__construct(object(Context), object(DbPDO), object(URLSerializer), object(DataAccessor))in category.php line 156
at PkampCategoryModuleFrontController->initContent()in Controller.php line 306
at ControllerCore->run()in Dispatcher.php line 518
at DispatcherCore->dispatch()in index.php line 28

¿Podrían ayudarme a solucionar el error?

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