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A free blog module that allows you to extend the built-in mechanism of CMS pages. It adds a dozen new fields and allows you to create a list of entries organized into categories. In addition, the module allows you to develop CMS page layouts, which allows you to create more advanced views. The module is equipped with an animated section of recent entries, which can be placed anywhere on the page. In addition, the block allows you to edit the main category of CMS pages and add its SEO parameters. Links:

Demo: https://shop.compsoul.pl/en/blog/1-blog (On the home page, you can see a carousel of recent entries)
Description of the installation: https://compsoul.dev/blog-module-prestashop/
Repository: https://github.com/compsoul/compsoulblog

Test platform:
PrestaShop: 8.0.2 && 8.0.4
PHP: 7.4.33 && 8.0.26


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