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Addon - WhatsApp Live Chat Manager - Revolutionizing the Customer Support for Presta Admins

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Introducing the "Prestashop WhatsApp Live Chat Manager" – Your Ultimate E-Commerce Companion!

Supercharge your online store's customer engagement with our innovative Prestashop WhatsApp Live Chat Manager. Seamlessly integrate the power of WhatsApp into your Prestashop platform, enabling real-time, personalized interactions that drive sales and build lasting customer relationships.

Key Features:

Instant Customer Support: Provide lightning-fast assistance to your shoppers directly through WhatsApp, ensuring their questions are answered in real-time, enhancing their shopping experience.

Cart Recovery: Effortlessly recover abandoned carts by sending personalized WhatsApp messages, nudging customers to complete their purchases, and increasing your conversion rates.

Proactive Engagement: Initiate conversations with customers based on their browsing behavior, offering product recommendations, discounts, and personalized assistance to boost engagement and sales.

Multi-Agent Collaboration: Enable your support team to collaborate efficiently by allowing multiple agents to handle WhatsApp chats simultaneously, ensuring no customer inquiry goes unanswered.

Automated Responses: Streamline customer interactions with automated responses for frequently asked questions, providing instant solutions and reducing response time.

Analytics and Insights: Gain valuable insights into customer interactions, chat volume, and performance metrics, empowering you to fine-tune your customer support strategy for optimal results.

Easy Integration: Our user-friendly setup seamlessly integrates WhatsApp Live Chat into your Prestashop environment without any technical hassle.

Module Configurations:

1. General Setting: In the following tab, the store admin can enable/disable the module and we have also provided an option for adding custom CSS for modifying the look and feel of the WhatsApp chat icon.
2. Agent Listing:
Here, the store admin can check all the agents and relevant details in a perfectly tailored manner. 
3. Agent Setting: The store admin can modify all the general configurations for particular chat agents in this particular tab. 

Addon Marketplace Link: (Coming Soon).







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