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No tax calculated

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I saw there were a couple of questions about this topic but none of the answers helped me.


PrestaShop doesnt calculate taxes at all. In the product if I enter the price without taxes, it shows the same price incl. taxes. Taxrule is set.

In the shopping cart it shows taxes $0.00. 


I checked that tax rules are applied, taxes are in the system, customer settings says taxes excl. (doesnt matter if I incl. them, same effect.

I am right now absolutely helpless... Shouldnt on the Product page, by pricing the tax be calculated?


I am using PrestaShop 8.0


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Furthermore, would a change to the Tax Options be possible?  Adding based on "Store Location" with the other options?  All of our sales are local transient (festivals & events).

Or would we be able to set one tax across the entire store?


Screenshot 2023-05-24 115705.png

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