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[FREE MODULE] Hide empty categories


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Module hide empty categories and restore when category has product.

Module is FREE. The module filters each category and its subcategory by checking whether there are products in a given category. The module is safe for the category to appear in the store - just add a product to a given category and click the search button in the module or launch a previously prepared CRON task.

  • two language versions EN / PL
  • checking subcategories
  • the module works on PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7
  • the module does not delete anything, does not change files, it only disables the visibility of categories in the database


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Hello and thank you for this module!

I need to set up a cron job for this, but I get a 500 error.

I run the URL http://mysite.com/modules/get3emptycategory/cron.php?token=62b49ced3012c1971cfaff6a4f5eab1fb3330561c5e3f70151144834d23dbf5c,. and the message is like in the image I attach. Maybe the token is wrong?

Also, the URL should be "https", right? The result is the same though....

Thank you so much in advance!


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2 hours ago, simonbotte said:


The link to download the module is broken. Would it be possible for you reupload it ?

Thank you so much.

Hello, the link works, maybe you do not have a sufficient list of posts to download the file from the forum. The files are uploaded to the forum so the link cannot be broken.

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Greetings, I installed the module in localhost via Wamp Server.

As a test, I created a subcategory under the first category of my menu. Then I tried to activate and deactivate the only product present under this category.

The subcategory is correctly activated/deactivated depending on the products that are present within it, however the change seems to be activated on the frontend only after clearing the cache using the advanced backoffice parameters.

Is this normal?

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