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Customer Profile: deletion of data from the "Viewed products" block.


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It's been weeks that I've been trying to find a solution, I hope I can find it here :)

After 3 years of using Prestashop (1.7.8.X), some customers are experiencing slow performance and it turns out that this is due to 2 factors,

(I specify that we are a distributor so our customers frequently make orders with many product lines)

The first problem is the accumulation of orders (on my side I was able to clean up while keeping the invoices),

The second, which is problematic in my case, is the block "Viewed products" by the user available in the user profile of the back office (Customer Settings > "User")

The loading of front pages by customers who have been ordering for these 3 years is also slowed down (a few seconds of loading),

On the other hand, customers with few orders do not have this problem.

So I seriously think that this block in particular is the source of the problem.

Would you know where the data of already seen products is stored in the database? I would like to be able to empty this table.

Thank you in advance!

Capture d’écran 2023-01-13 093504.jpg

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