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Login button if not logged in logout buttin if logged in help please


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I am trying to make a button that changes state depending on log in or loged out. <br/><br/><br/>But i have little idea what i am doing. I would apreciate your help. <br/><br/><br/> {if (!$params['cookie']->isLogged())<br/> return <li class="first active"><a >getPageLink('index.php')}?mylogout" title="{l s='Logout'}">{l s='Logout'}</a></li>;<br/> }





when you are working in .tpl files u can use {if $logged} to determine if a user is logged in. i use this to determine if a user may view the shopping cart or not depending on if they are logged in or not.


{if $logged}

<a href=".." id="state1" />


<a href=".." id="state2" />


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