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Customer groups and login fails PS8


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Hi everyone, I am new here.

So I am installing a ps8 on php8.1 using customer groups to create restricted access to unregistered "visitors" and acess to validated "customers".

Everything went fine until I click on customer groups in advanced parameters>performance, turning it off. When turning it back on again the site fails when you try to log in, it seems to get out of memory while creating a large number of entitymapping.php calls from src/Core/Foundation/IoC/Container.php 

If i remove the users session it reverts to showing the possibility to create a account, to login and reset password. As soon as anyone of these forms are sent to the server it once again fails.

What am I missing here, been at this for hours.

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The error looked like it had to do with running out of memory and of course it did. It created a HUGE amount of new empty session objects. 

I found a solution here:

It turns out that it had to do with session recursion ( ... and possibly a hook related to customer groups? - I did never identify which one, it was not listed in the page with the solution).

when saving a session it updated itself and therefor called a new session save.
solution was to change scope and use $this-> within cookie.php as per the solution in the link.

seems to work for me so far at least.

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