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Add more variables to some emails templates


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I'd need to use some of the available variables from order_conf to other emails templates. Emails that will be sent when orders' statuses are updated.
I looked for solutions everywhere but none of them are working for me.

This topic has some solutions for 1.7 but I can't manage to make them works ! I tried for example to copy/paste the OrderHistory.php in /override/classes/order and change the $data  array to the one in the PaymentModule.php which provide all the variables to the order_conf but nothing change.

The specific emails where I need to change variables are shipped.html and 2 others I created.

I believe I understood that the php file responsible to send variables to most of the emails when orders are updated is OrderHistory.php. But for example, in shipped.html , the {order_name} variable doesn't display anything whereas it is assigned in $data in OrderHistory.php. Also, if I delete the '{firstname}' assignment line, it is still displayed right in the sent email.

I'd love some help here, I don't know what to do anymore.

Thanks :)

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