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Paypal and Prestashop trouble - IPN ? Module ?...


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Hey everyone,

First, I would like to thanks all the ones who help on this forum !

I am writing to you as one of my client get a trouble on his Prestashop ,with Paypal module... and I don't know where it is coming from.

When a customer buy something and pay it with Paypal, Paypal does receive the money... but as a customer, i get a message "Error blabla" ; and as a backadmin Prestashop I have nothing : no order, no payment, nothing.

I checked the hosting : this is not the problem. No Php error there neither.

The Paypal module console tell me this :


I have contacted Paypal and they told me it is not coming from them, but Prestashop.

They told me the "IPN was deactivated".

Does something can help me with this trouble ?

Thanks in advance,



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