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[MODULE] Simple declaration of your quarterly intra-community VAT


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As I explain in my article on the implementation of the European VAT thresholds since July 1, 2021, it is possible to manage this simply by using the VAT of the destination country from the first order, which requires us to make a quarterly declaration of the VAT collected in the different countries to then make a simple transfer and be in order with the tax authorities.

To facilitate this declaration and to be able to do it in record time, I have developed a module that I have been using since 2015 on a personal basis.

This module will distribute by country and currency, the amounts to declare over the period you define by following the status of selected orders.

Simple and efficient.

Module available on:







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1.2.0 - 08/26/2022

  • Improvement of some texts to facilitate the use of the module
  • Added a control on the dates to avoid reversing the start and end date of the period

1.1.0 - 08/23/2022

  • Merging of tax lines for countries that do not have the State of Activation option
  • Correction of a calculation bug on the total taxes to declare
  • Addition of the country of each order in the listing of the orders connected by the period
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1.3.0 - 02/22/2023

  • Added an option to export result tables as CSV or Excel files
  • Added an option to display the amounts without any formatting and facilitate processing when exporting to a spreadsheet
  • Changes in the processing of translations of certain elements
  • Improved presentation of order status to facilitate the selection of those to be exported
  • Added Logs and an error message if some orders do not have tax information when they should
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