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Paypal account connection problem -> Paypal plugin


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Hi there,

paypal module has not been working since yesterday. I updated prestashop up to version and reinstalled paypal plugin (versione v5.7.0).

I also follow the procedure to connect paypal account, I had confirmation about correct connection to the account, but it still did not worked, nothing happened.

Here's what warnings say:

You must connect your Paypal account

PayPal webhooks can not be enabled. The webhook listener was not created. Webhooks are not used by the module until the moment the problem will be fixed. Please try to refresh the page and click on 'check requirements' again.


Screen attached.image.thumb.png.7ba1d2662ea853a512fe207cdd80072a.png.272d14e89d10f46dcf38b09981240d93.png

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