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Email templater error parsing product customization


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Hi at all! i have this problem starting on my email tempalte and i cannot reach to resolve it! i have already seen other topic but i haven't reach to resolve. My prestashop version is 1.7.8 built.

In the order customer confirmation when my product have a customization appear the html text on the product details!" Why??? i cannot reach to understand why and where i must change something. For the ps_emailalert module instead the email appera correctly. Someone can help me?


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Could you please check /themes/yourtheme/mails/lang/order_conf_product_list.tpl

(or if there isn't one in themes, then just /mails/lang/order_conf_product_list.tpl)

Take a look at lines 49-51, they should be:

{foreach $product['customization'] as $customization}

Can you confirm that it's exactly as above without any filters/modifiers on {$customization['customization_text']} ?

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The code is this:

<table class="table">
                <td width="5">&nbsp;</td>
                    <font size="2" face="Open-sans, sans-serif" color="#555454">
                        {if count($product['customization']) == 1}
                            {foreach $product['customization'] as $customization}
                                {$customization['customization_text'] }

                        {hook h='displayProductPriceBlock' product=$product type="unit_price"}
                <td width="5">&nbsp;</td>

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On 7/14/2022 at 11:56 PM, Merymanc said:

hei something news? i need help yet with this problem! please i don't know how to resolve it!


you solved ?

I have the same problem !

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