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Adding tracking number to order through web service


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I had been hitting my head with the wall for the previous 3 days trying to add a tracking code to an order through Prestashop webservice 




i tried POST and MODIFY requests but non are working 


every request i try either return the need of a unrelated data, or it caused the order page to crash ! 

PUT/POST request (causes the order page in BO to crash ! )

<prestashop>\n\t<order>\n\t\t<shipping_number>123</shipping_number><id_address_delivery>12352</id_address_delivery><id_address_invoice>12352</id_address_invoice><id_cart>26565</id_cart><id_currency>3</id_currency><id_lang>1</id_lang><id_customer>14186</id_customer><id_carrier>48</id_carrier><module>codwfeeplus</module><payment>Cash on delivery with fee (COD) PLUS</payment><total_paid>0.000000</total_paid><total_paid_real>0.000000</total_paid_real><total_products>0.400000</total_products><total_products_wt>0.420000</total_products_wt><conversion_rate>1.000000</conversion_rate><id>13430</id>\n\t</order>\n</prestashop>




any one have a sample code of editing order's tracking code ? 

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