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display hook position with parameters in .tpl


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I'm  wondering how can I display a hook in template file using default method, but pass to it parameters to get the desired block.
I have couple html blocks assigned to certain hooks, lets assume they stay within displayNav hook.
They have automatically asigned ID during creation, and possible position value.

What I'd like to achieve with {hook h='displayNav'} is to pass an ID or position value to get the desired html block.
I don't know if default {hook} smarty constant allows to pass more paramaters than only hook name.
Like for example {hook h='displayNav' id=1} or {hook h='displayNav' position=1}

I was looking for such info or similar question but seems that I can't find the function responsible for it, and make an override or use builtin parameters. Anyone could enlighten me a bit?

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