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Presta Shop Google Shopping Feed module resets itself & gives wrong prices


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I feel like I'm losing my mind this this issue:
We have two Prestashop websites, one is version

For whatever reason, since December this has been feeding net prices into our Google Shopping Feed via the module, instead of the gross prices. It also reset all the attributions for no apparent reason.
The shop we have that runs has the correct prices/Discounts.

People are calling in and saying our Google Shopping ads show the wrong prices, and they are, but we can't change them unless we manually enter the prices in Google Merchant Center.
The whole point of the feed was to not do that, as we have almost 300 products. I don't know where I can tell the Presta Shop Shopping Module to pick the gross prices instead of the net prices. The other shop system has literally the exact same module and it works fine.

Has this happened to anyone, or any idea on how to fix this?

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