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There is no gross price in the cart summary


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The shopping cart is to display the net and gross price, for this to happen I have to add to the file cart-detailed-totals.tpl

<div class="card-block">
    <div class="cart-summary-line clearfix cart-total">
      <span class="label">{$cart.totals.total_excluding_tax.label}</span>
      <span class="value price fs_lg font-weight-bold">{$cart.totals.total_excluding_tax.value}</span>

    <div class="cart-summary-line clearfix">
      <span class="label">{$cart.subtotals.tax.label}</span>
      <span class="value price">{$cart.subtotals.tax.value}</span>

    <div class="cart-summary-line clearfix cart-total">
      <span class="label">{$cart.totals.total_including_tax.label}</span>
      <span class="value price fs_lg font-weight-bold">{$cart.totals.total_including_tax.value}</span>


However, during checkout, the gross price is no longer displayed, as well as when the product is added to the cart in the pop-up window.



Can anyone help me to deal with this problem.

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