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Error al entrar a listado de pedidos


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Estoy intentando entrar al listado de pedidos y me sale el siguiente error:

The given alias 'o' is not part of any FROM or JOIN clause table. The currently registered aliases are: (SELECT CONCAT(LEFT(cu.`firstname`, 1), '. ', cu.`lastname`) AS `customer`, o.id_order, o.reference, o.total_paid_tax_incl, os.paid, osl.name AS osname, o.id_currency, cur.iso_code, o.current_state, o.id_customer, cu.`id_customer` IS NULL as `deleted_customer`, os.color, o.payment, s.name AS shop_name, o.date_add, cu.company, cl.name AS country_name, o.invoice_number, o.delivery_number, IF ((SELECT so.id_order FROM ps4l_orders so WHERE (so.id_customer = o.id_customer) AND (so.id_order < o.id_order) LIMIT 1) > 0, 0, 1) AS new FROM ps4l_orders o LEFT JOIN ps4l_customer cu ON o.id_customer = cu.id_customer LEFT JOIN ps4l_currency cur ON o.id_currency = cur.id_currency INNER JOIN ps4l_address a ON o.id_address_delivery = a.id_address LEFT JOIN ps4l_order_state os ON o.current_state = os.id_order_state LEFT JOIN ps4l_shop s ON o.id_shop = s.id_shop INNER JOIN ps4l_country c ON a.id_country = c.id_country INNER JOIN ps4l_country_lang cl ON c.id_country = cl.id_country AND cl.id_lang = :context_lang_id LEFT JOIN ps4l_order_state_lang osl ON os.id_order_state = osl.id_order_state AND osl.id_lang = :context_lang_id WHERE o.`id_shop` IN (:context_shop_ids) ORDER BY o.id_order DESC) tmp_table.

[Doctrine\DBAL\Query\QueryException 0]

Me parece que ha ocurrido a raiz de intentar ordenar el listado, al que previamente si pude entrar.

¿Alguien que me pueda ayudar?. Muchas gracias.


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