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Carriers disappear while doing the checkout


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We daily have customers who cannot choose a carrier. I managed to find a repro, but unable to setup debugging in VS code due to the old PHP version.


  1. Add an item to the chart
  2. Checkout the shopping chart
  3. Add your personal info (as a guest), click continue 
  4. Add your address, click continue
  5. Carriers show up. 👍
  6. Go back to address and click edit, then continue
  7. (you now got 2 addresses, could be the root cause, but you can still choose carrier 👍)
  8. Click personal info, click the terms and conditions again and continue
  9. Now the carriers are gone and you have to start over to get it working again.

Anyone seen this before, or idea what is wrong. Most customers can do a checkout successful, but we see the issue every day.




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