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Name validation / Multiple classes for the same purpose


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recently I had some problems about the override of name validation.
I would like to accept digits in customer name.
After some tests, I see it will mby be almost impossible to do it.

The name validation is made at least at 3 different places :

  • PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\ConstraintValidator\Constraints\CustomerName
  • Validate::isCustomerName (which use Constraints\CustomerName) but could be override
  • PrestaShopBundle\Form\Admin\Sell\Customer\CustomerType (which use Constraints\CustomerName)
  • PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Domain\Customer\ValueObject\LastName (which use a specific rule)
  • PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Domain\Customer\ValueObject\FirstName (which use a specific rule)

Do you have any idea to accept digits in customer name without rewrite PrestaShop ???
I override Validate::isCustomerName to accept digits, but BO customer form throws an error, so I listen the hook «CustomerFormBuilderModifier» to change the validation rule on firstname and lastname to use the Validate::isCustomerName method (by creating another validator). But now I'm stuck with the validation in PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Domain\Customer\ValueObject\LastName and PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Domain\Customer\ValueObject\FirstName.

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