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How to apply a custom Tax based on product attributes ?


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[Probably a Newbie question]

Context :
I'm selling paint bucket, those bucket may contain a certain % of "Volatile Organic Compounds" and here in Switzerland, there is a tax based on the volume in [Liters] and the % of those "Volatile Organic Compounds".

My Question :
How can I add this tax (based on this attributes) to the final price ?

Example :
The product "Red paint bucket" contains 5% of "Volatile Organic Compounds" and his volume is 5L (per bucket).
The customer add 10 "Red paint Bucket" in his cart.

I would like to add to the final price the tax calculated for 50L of red paint with 5% of VOC each ?

I already checked the custom tax that you can create in prestashop, but I can't find a way to calculate this tax based on custom fields of my products.

I also checked on the forum but can't find a similar case.

I'm currently stuck on this problem.... :(

Thank you for your pieces of advice :)

(Sorry for my bad English 😕)


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Pour les intéressés, j'ai finalement utilisé la fonctionnalité "eco-tax" de prestashop. 

Il faut donc pour chaque produit calculer la fameuse taxe COV en fonction du litrage au préalable (un fichier excel avec formule puis import en csv).


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