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Presta 1.7 High memory usage, product edit page, attributes


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Hi, my Prestashop started running out of memory when trying to edit products from the backoffice.

Error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 8192 bytes)

It happens to one, particular product. As for now - I haven't seen any other product with the same issue. The product does not have combinations, it is set up like "simple product".

I tracked that problem is related with Symfony components: BaseType.php line 52, ChoiceType.php line 194 and FormType.php line 95. (based on error 500 message)

I suspect it may be connected with product attributes, this query returns more than 500 results:

SELECT p0_.id_attribute AS id_attribute_0, p0_.color AS color_1, p0_.position AS position_2, p1_.id_attribute_group AS id_attribute_group_3, p1_.position AS position_4, p2_.name AS name_5, p2_.public_name AS public_name_6, p0_.id_attribute AS id_attribute_7, p0_.color AS color_8, p0_.position AS position_9, p3_.name AS name_10 FROM ps_attribute p0_ INNER JOIN ps_attribute_group p1_ ON p0_.id_attribute_group = p1_.id_attribute_group INNER JOIN ps_attribute_shop p5_ ON p0_.id_attribute = p5_.id_attribute INNER JOIN ps_shop p4_ ON p4_.id_shop = p5_.id_shop INNER JOIN ps_attribute_lang p3_ ON p0_.id_attribute = p3_.id_attribute INNER JOIN ps_attribute_group_lang p2_ ON p1_.id_attribute_group = p2_.id_attribute_group WHERE p3_.id_lang = 1 AND p2_.id_lang = 1 AND p4_.id_shop = 1 ORDER BY position_9 ASC, position_4 ASC;

Is it possible that 512MB of RAM for PHP (7.3) is not enough to display product edit page?

Any idea what else can I check? Why it is happening to one product and the rest is just fine?

(Already tried to empty /var/cache and disable all product related modules)

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