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How do i check product for specific tag on product list in PS 1.6?


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Hi, i would like to show some custom content below products with spefic tags on product-list.tpl.

Already have tried two things:


On the first case - it simply doesn't work. I guess it's for single product?

On the second - the part:

{if $value=="mytag"}

- doesn't work.

I have tag named "puch" with ID 1, so i would like to show custom text below it in product-list.tpl, so what i have tried is:

{if $value=="puch"}
test 1

- but nothing shows up...

The tags have allocated products to it, i have no idea what might be wrong here. It doesn't matter if the check would be for tag ID or tag value.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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