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How to access cms pages in tpl in Prestashop 1.7 ?


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I want to add a link to a cms page (linklist page) which works only partly.
I am modifying form_fields.tpl to get a direct link (in a fancybox) to a cms page which works in general - see attached screenshot.
The URL is written in my template as I wanted to have this but I am unable to obtain the cms page name.
Can anybody please help to get this information which should be displayed during checkout additional to the checkboxes shown for privacy, newsletter and so on.

I tried the example from the developer documentation with inserting static content via widget which works and is displayed. If I choose the ps_linklist instead of ps_contactinfo nothing is displayed. The same is for the widget_block example which is taken from the development documentation of Prestashop 1.7. I think the context information linkblocks or linkblock is still missing. How can I obtain that in the checkout.tpl using the form_fields.tpl ?

Thanks for help,

Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 16.45.06.png

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