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Rebuild search index effectively

Fabrizio Carloni

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Do you know if there is a way to bypass the web server (Apache) and rebuild search index from shell scripts? I use Prestashop with PHP 7.4 and I would like to have the webserver free from a heavy workload during indexing for the benefit of user navigation.

Best regards,

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Searching on the internet I found this article https://netlogica.it/blog/72-prestashop-come-reindicizzare-il-database-prodotti-in-modo-efficace (in Italian) which proposes this script:

script prestashopNetlogicaIndexer.php

    // Netlogica hack - Prestashop search indexing

    echo "\n".'Starting Netlogica Indexing Hack...'."\n";
    $timeStart = microtime(true);


    $timeEnd = microtime(true);
    $executionTime = ($timeEnd - $timeStart);
    echo '-> index complete '.$executionTime.' sec.'."\n\n";

Do you think it can also work on Prestashop

Thank you and greetings,

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