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[SOLVED] how to add manufacturer name in tpl


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hello guys,
does anybody knows how can i add a manufacturer name in my custom tpl file, i've developed a module and this is my controller

Class pesquisaequipamentoAllproductsModuleFrontController extends ModuleFrontController
    public function init()
        $this->page_name = 'allproducts'; // page_name and body id
        $this->display_column_left = true;
        $this->display_column_right = false;
    public function setMedia()
    public function initContent()
        $products_count = $this->module->countAllProducts();
        $this->pagination($products_count); // needs to be here, so that page number and products per page are assigned to "p" and "n"
        $var = $this->module->searchAllProducts();
        //$products_partial = Product::getProducts($this->context->language->id, ((int)$this->p - 1) * (int)$this->n, $this->n, 'name', 'asc');
        $products = Product::getProductsProperties($this->context->language->id, $var);
        foreach ($products as $key => $product) {
            foreach ($products as $key => $product) {
                $products[$key]['id_image'] = Product::getCover($product['id_product'])['id_image'];
            'products' => $products,
            'homeSize' => Image::getSize('home_default')

In my tpl file i only get id_manufacturer

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