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Multiple Prestashop cookies and big headers


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(I open this discussions after talking on the Github, here : https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/24903)

Sometimes, for some customers, we have a blank page on the homepage, with a Bad request. This is due to very very big cookie size. So I'm trying to find how we can have so big cookies on the browser and then sent in the header of each requests... causing bad request errors...


For example, on my account, I have multiple cookies prefixed by "Prestashop-" : 
- PrestaShop-67fb7f2c09cf97bf9b9747900c7092b8
- PrestaShop-b667ef084cc25f6a675d2bfc2f33ecda
- PrestaShop-bc20d32305bff7bca7f94559091d638e
- PrestaShop-d128dcc0b239a91cabb9edf397675c4e
- PrestaShop-ef797002620351cc301e7998512559d3

The Context::getContext()->cookie uses the Prestashop-bc20d32305bff7bca7f94559091d638e (bolded above).

So, 3 questions:

  1. Why do I have 5 Prestashop cookies? Is it a normal behavior or is it because the previous one are not deleted?
  2. How my Prestashop is knowing which one of the cookie it needs to use?
  3. How to see what is the (decrypted) value of each of these cookies, to see which behavior (or module) is creating so much and so big cookies?


Thanks for your help on this questions.

Capture d’écran 2021-06-08 à 19.30.08.png

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Hi !

I'm facing same issue with a multistore Prestashop.

If i look on my browser, i have one cookie per store, and all are sended in each request to my host.

I don't have anything custom related with cookies.

If i wait some minutes after a Bad Request response appear, it's desappear for a few "refresh page", and then appears again.

I check the size of my cookies, and it's always growing up until 2400 bytes each

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