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I have a concern about VAT. Let me explain I work in B2B with prices excluding VAT and I have groups that have discounts so that my products have figures after commas, for example 15.02568 euros. So to do this I put rounding off for each article because that's what I'm looking for.

The total amount excluding tax is correct, but the total of taxes is not consistent. What distorts the TTC.

Here is an example:





My product after rebate costs exactly 12.2319 but being rounded off for each item is 12.23 e. 12.23 x 97 = 1186.31

so the price excluding VAT is correct. However





Applying a 20% VAT tax on the price excluding VAT I find a difference between the total taxes and what I should have.

because 1186.31 x 0.2 = 237.262 or 237.26 e tax and not 237.65 e. therefore the total including tax should be 1423.57 and not 1423.96e.

Especially as soon as there are a lot of articles and a lot of different articles, there is a big difference in the price of a few euros.

Even taking the TTC 1423.96 / 1.2 = 1 186.63333 which is different from 1186.31.

But from what I understand Prestashop does the VAT on the item and then multiplies it by the quantity.

which gives 12.2319 * 1.2 = 14.67828 or 14.68 and then we multiply by the quantity or 97.

which gives 14.68 * 97 = 1423.96, but which gives inconsistency / "error". because the price excluding VAT will never be correct compared to the VAT

So I would like to know if someone would have a solution or a track so that I can have my tax in relation to the Total HT and not by Unit price including VAT.

And the choice "round by line" everything is good between the VAT and the price including VAT except the price excluding VAT which is distorted because it performs the calculation without having rounded my unit price which will make 12.2319 * quantity and then we multiply by 1.2 thing that I am trying to do but with 12.23 and not 12.2319. And this also distorts the price of the basket displayed in Front for the customer


Thank you for your response.


My prestashop version

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